Photography Techniques – Slow Sync Flash

slow sync flash of girl in front of fountain

slow sync flash photo of girl in front of fountain

Taking portraits at night can often be a little problematic for the average photographer, especially when we want to include a building or some other element of interest in the background. We almost always need to use a tripod or find some other method to steady the camera because of the slow shutter speeds necessary with low-light photography. Even with a tripod though, our subject needs to remain completely still during the shot to prevent blurring. If you’ve ever tried this yourself, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to get a clean, sharp shot.

As a solution, we often end up turning on our flash. Unfortunately, doing this virtually eliminates everything from your photo that lies beyond your cameras flash range, so you can say goodbye to that beautiful architecture in the background. In fact in most cases, by turning on your flash in low light, your background will turn out to be completely black.

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